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TuanLastLaunch Kelley Choukas-Roth
The Last Launch:
Messages in the Bottle

by Yi-Fu Tuan

A Field Guide to Other People's Trees
by Margot Anne Kelley

by Jack Parsons
Choukas-Roth Billups Krim
A Year in Rock Creek Park: The Wild, Wooded Heart of Washington, DC
by Melanie Choukas-Bradley
Ireland: One Island, No Borders
by Elizabeth Billups
Route 66: Iconography of the American Highway
by Arthur Krim
Lowdermilk Beckham Forsman
Honoring the Doughboys:
Following My Grandfather's
World War I Diary

by Jeffrey A. Lowdermilk
Firmament: A Meditation on Place
in Three Parts

by Andrew Beckham
Walking Magpie: On and Off the

by Chuck Forsman
Fletcher Sutton Singer
Infinite Measure: Learning to Design in Geometric Harmony with Art, Architecture, and Nature
by Rachel Fletcher
At Home in the West:
The Lure of Public Land

by William S. Sutton
Main Street: Towns, Villages, and
Hamlets of the Great Plains

by Danny Singer
BrownL Young Anderson
Las Vegas Periphery:
Views from the Edge

by Laurie Brown
Timeline: Learning to See
with My Eyes Closed

by Tom Young
On Wall Street: Architectural
Photographs of Lower Manhattan,

by David Anderson
Wharton Freese Kostiner
Small Town South
by David Wharton

West Coast: Bering to Baja
by David Freese
Choosing Fatherhood:
America's Second Chance

by Lewis Kostiner
Freeburg Myers Tuan
The Valley of 10,000 Smokes:
Revisiting the Alaskan Sublime

by Gary Freeburg

The Jungle at the Door:
A Glimpse of Wild India

by Joan Myers

Humanist Geography
An Individual's Search for Meaning

by Yi-Fu Tuan
Life and Death on the Prairie
Photographs and text by Stephen Longmire

Willis StrawnAlligators Parsons
Recycled Realities
by John Willis and Tom Young
Alligators, Prehistoric Presence in the American South
by Martha A. Strawn
Dark Beauty: Photographs of New Mexico
by Jack Parsons
Borowiec Strawn Black
The New Heartland: Looking for the American Dream
by Andrew Borowiec


Across the Threshold of India: Art, Women, and Culture
by Martha A. Strawn


Gettysburg Contested: 150 Years of Preserving America's Cherished Landscape
by Brian Black
Why We Are Here:
Mobile and the Spirit of a Southern City

by E. O. Wilson and Alex Harris
Published in Fall 2012 from Liveright, a division of W. W. Norton & Company, in association with GFT Publishing and Skolkin + Chickey Studio

What We Do Here Is Magic:
The Art of Business and the
Business of Art

by Anna Wolak
Published in Spring 2012 as a limited edition from GFT Publishing, in association with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago
 Pieces of String
 by Justin Kimball
 Published in Fall 2012 from Radius Books,
 in association with GFT Publishing
 (more information coming soon)

Lynne A. Battaglia, editor, with contributions by Diane Feuerhard, Finding Justice: A History of Women Lawyers in Maryland since 1642, in association with the Maryland Woman's Bar Foundation and University of Baltimore Foundation

Robin Behn, Once Upon a Time in the Twenty-First Century: Unexpected Exercises in Creative Writing, in association with the University of Alabama Press

Steve Burch, editor, Inside the Tornado: The Healing Power of Theater, a collection of ten short plays in response to the E4 tornado that devastated Tuscaloosa and West Alabama on April 27, 2011, with a foreword by Michael Carr and an afterword by Steven Jacobs, in association with the University of Alabama Press

Karl Hamner, Jo Price, Elva Bradley, and Dave de Romeo, editors, S2C: Navigating the Transition from Military Service to Civilian Life, in association with the University of Alabama Press

John C. Hudson, Across This Land: A Regional Geography of the United States and Canada, Second Edition, forthcoming from the Johns Hopkins University Press, in association with GFT Publishing

Margaret Purcell, Citizen Servants: A History of Success, Innovation, and Adaptation in Alabama's Nonprofits, in association with the University of Alabama Press

Frederick R. Steiner, George F. Thompson, and Armando Carbonell, editors, Nature and Cities: Urban Ecological Design and Planning, in association with the Lincoln Institute Land of Policy and University of Texas School of Architecture


Architecture, Geography, and Landscape Studies

Stephen S. Birdsall, The Place of Memory: Memorial Landscapes and the Search for Redemption

Michael P. Branch, Rants from the Hill: The High Life Out West

Kenneth E. Foote and Anett Árvay, Contested Places, Contested Pasts: Public Memory and Commemoration in Contemporary Hungary

Mary Ellen Hayward, Housing the Poor in America: From Colonial Speculators to the New Urbanists

Peter J. Hugill, Cotton in the World Economy: Geopolitics and Globalization since 1771

Arthur Lyon and Joe Lyon, Jr., with annotations by Denis Wood, 1930: Manhattan to Managua, North America's First Trans-Continental Road Trip by Car

Rebecca Markovits, American Urban: A Psychogeography of Austin, Texas

Jeffrey Melton, The American Open Road: Film, Literature, and Popular Imagination

Janet Mendelsohn and Chris Wilson, et al., Drawn to Landscape: The Pioneering work of J. B. Jackson

Janet Mendelsohn, J. B. Jackson and the American Landscape, a DVD produced and directed by Janet Mendelsohn, in association with the University of New Mexico

Martin Mitchell, Discovering Minnesota's Landscapes: An Introduction to Land and Life

Philippe Oszuścik, Creole Architecture of the Central Gulf Coast, 1699–1860, with a foreword by John Michael Vlatch

Cathy Pagani, The Chinese Restaurant in North America

Roy Malcolm Porter, Jr., Inventing Whiskey: A Short History of Kentucky Bourbon

Amanda Rees, Visions for the Great Plains: Computer Chips, Bison Chips, and Prairie Grasses

Paul F. Starrs and Gary J. Hausladen, Film Noir: The Places behind the Scenes

Environment + Design and Planning

William J. Cohen, To Design with Nature: Ian McHarg and the Ecological Imperative in Environmental Education and Planning

Randolph T. Hester, Jr. and Amber Nelson, Inheriting the Sacred: How to Awaken to a Landscape that Touches Your Heart and Consecrate It, Design It as Home, Dwell Intentionally in It, and Let It Loose in Your Democracy

Grant Jones, Listening to the Voice of the Earth: Designing and Planning a Whole Earth Aesthetic

Ron Thomas, Arts and Crafts Planning: A Legacy Rediscovered

My Kind of

John L. Allen, Land of the High Frontier: My Kind of Dirt Road

Warren Bingham, Following in George Washington's Footsteps: My Kind of Historical Tour

Stephen Jones, Mudflats on the Mystic: My Kind of Boatyard

Paul Mattingly, An American Place: My Kind of Art Colony

Richard B. Megraw, Like Granite under Foot: My Kind of Gettysburg

Michael Steinberg, Landscapes of the Eastern Brook Trout: My Kind of Fishing

Denis Wood, Soft Time in a Hard Place: My Kind of Prison Life

Joseph S. Wood, At Home on the Inland Seas: My Kind of Great Lakes

National Parks and Environmental Histories

Brian Black, Gettysburg Contested: 150 Years of Preserving America's Cherished Landscape

Karl Byrand and William Wyckoff, et al., Designs upon Nature: The Cultural Landscape of Yellowstone National Park

Lary Dilsaver, Preserving the Desert: A History of Joshua Tree National Park

Kate Papacosma, Brooklyn's Prospect Park: History and Design

William C. Tweed and Lary M. Dilsaver, Challenge of the Big Trees: A History of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Photography and Art

J. T. Blatty, Fish Town: Photographs and Stories from Louisiana's Vanishing Coast

Andrew Borowiec, The New Heartland: Looking for the American Dream

Erikka Diettes, Memento Mori: Testament to Life, with essays by Anne Tucker and Ileanna Dieguez

Steve Fitch, Western Landmarks, with an essay by Toby Jurovics

David Freese, East Coast: Tropics to Arctic, with an essay by Simon Winchester

John Ganis, America's Endangered Coasts: From Texas to Connecticut

Michael Kolster, East Coast Rivers, with an essay by Matt Klingle

Andrei Kushnir, Oh, Shenandoah: 222 Plein-air Paintings of the Historic River and Valley, with an introduction by Warren R. Hofstra, an essay by William Rasmussen, and vignettes by Jeffrey C. Everett

Sean Salyards, Cape Coral: Florida's Waterfront Wonderland

Sage Sohier, Mother

Martha A. Strawn, Across the Threshold of India: Art, Women, and Culture

Stephen E. Strom, Death Valley: Painted Light, with an essay by Rebecca Senf and poems by Alison Hawthorne Deming

Stephen E. Strom, Tidal Flats: Resilience and Change at the Edge of the Sea, with essays by Barbara Hurd

Barbara Tenebaum, Masumi Hayashi: A Legacy in Photographs, 1987–2006

David Wharton, The Power of Belief: Spiritual Landscapes of the Rural American South, with an essay by Charles Reagan Wilson

Tom Young, Backscatter: Learning to See from Here to There

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