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"Although many of the images take on a deadpan approach of showing the Santa Maria Valley's lifeless landscape of leeched soil and plastics, there are also intimate close-up images that evoke more sentimental queries. The photos are bold and subtle but collectively invite us to take a closer look at the harsh realities of the extraction and production processes that occur at all costs for consumption. Kallusky reminds us of our cyclical relationship with nature, one of life and destruction."
—Sarah Knobel, Lenscratch

"Landfill tells the story of the massive amounts of agricultural and industrial waste in one Central California valley with deep roots to the Indigenous and Spanish past. It is a meaningful addition to how we understand our way of life in this current moment in the larger climate crisis. Brought together in a gorgeous book, the images reveal an unpleasant reality tucked conveniently out of view. Brett Kallusky's work shows a poise and formality, a photographic deliberateness that presents these intensely critical issues—ones we like to keep out of sight—with seriousness and gravity. The photographs, in their studied intentionality and careful elegance, insist on the urgency of the situation and the inevitable doom that awaits if we continue to ignore what is happening all around us."
—Rebecca A. Senf, Ph.D., Chief Curator, Center for Creative Photography




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