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"Views from the Reservation is filled with spiritual power and insightful observations. Many of the photographs have accompanying notation which supply welcome background material. Willis also contributes some excellent writing in the Notes on Selected Plates, Opening Prayer, Closing Prayer, Artist's Statement, About the Craft, and Coda. Plus, he has created a moving compilation of tribal music online."
—Frank Ward, ZEKE Magazine (read full review here, pdf)

"Views from the Reservation goes well beyond what others have written about and discussed regarding the tribal people who live within reservation boundaries. John Willis captures not only the day-to-day challenges of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, but more importantly the true pride of the people. He shows in vivid detail that the culture is truly being passed from one generation to another. As many elders have told me, 'This is our life, and John Willis has captured it.' As this book shows, the residents of Pine Ridge are truly mending the circle of life. Thank you, Mr. Willis, for your great gift. Views from the Reservation is a must-read for all ages."
—Gerard Baker, retired Assistant Director for American Indian Relations at the National Park Service and retired Superintendent of Mount Rushmore National Monument

"This is a beautiful, painful book: a soulful reminder of a dark part of our past and present, an elegant road to a better future."
—Ken Burns, filmmaker

"John Willis's book looks to redefine a special place—the Pine Ridge Reservation—and, in doing so, he offers a new model for tackling the issues of place, community, and history."
—Linda Connor, Professor of Photography, San Francisco Art Institute

"The Lakota say that it is the white man's gift to know how everything works. It is the Lakota's gift to know how everything fits together. John Willis's gift is to weave together many talents, observations, and works of art into a beautiful book."
—Wendy Ewald, former Artist-in-Residence, Amherst College, and MacArthur Fellow

"Views from the Reservation is amazing—incredible pictures and heartfelt stories perfectly told. Every photograph is a classic: carefully seen, lovingly captured, and painstakingly executed."
—Henry Horenstein, Professor of Photography, Rhode Island School of Design

"With a powerful command of both image and word, John Willis weaves an insightful and richly textured portrait of contemporary Lakota life. Willis's arresting imagery is more than mere documentation: sobering and uplifting at once, it not only speaks to concerns of the Lakota tribe, which refuses to succumb to centuries of hardship and oppression, but also reveals the tenacity, indomitable will, and inherent spirituality of the people. For the serious student of art, history, and cultural traditions, this beautifully crafted book is a must-read that speaks to the human condition."
—Zig Jackson, Professor of Photography, Savannah College of Art and Design


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