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Matthew O'Brien (chemistry, political science, African studies).

"The autobiographical nature of Humanist Geography: An Individual's Search for Meaning captures Yi-Fu Tuan's lifelong intellectual journey through humanist geography, a branch of geography that focuses on people and their condition by recognizing the ubiquitousness and salience of human relationships. Tuan argues that humanist geography can unearth the individual through an analysis of the various relations and tensions that permeate human experience. He embarks on the excavation of the self in an effortless narrative style more akin to an afternoon spent in friendly conversation than an academic treatise. Not only is this stylistic approach more inviting to the lay reader, but, in the spirit of humanist geography, Tuan's tone and style initiate and nurture an intimacy with the reader that is extremely rare in formal philosophical contemplations."
—Bartlomiej A. Lenart, Nature and Human Life (click to read the pdf of the full review here)

“Yi-Fu Tuan has written an extraordinary prose poem that embodies the search for meaning, a life-long reflection concerning the place of the individual in a world torn by war, inequality, and disaster. He explores the role of the individual in both the meaning of community and the wider cosmopolitan world, pointing constantly toward the promise of progress. This is a joyous book that is firmly rooted in the great religious traditions of both the East and the West.”
—Dominic A. Pacyga, author of Chicago: A History and Professor of History at Columbia College Chicago

"Humanist Geography is a splendid summation and advancement of Yi-Fu Tuan's literary career, in which he reconsiders elements of all his previous books and presents them anew. For those who have followed Yi-Fu Tuan's career over the years, this book will be a necessary and pleasurable read."
—Denis Wood, author of Five Billion Years of Global Change: A History of the Land

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