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Alligators by Martha A Strawn is interesting to those who have ever seen one of these prehistoric monsters who still thrive in the Southern waters and wetlands of the United States of America. These creatures have fascinated and frightened and threatened people of all ages through all ages. This book gives all the gory details of living near alligators: how to catch and kill and cook and eat them! (Yes, they taste like chicken...I have eaten them!) The habitats, history, fertility, management, pollution, and all aspects of their life cycles are thoroughly described. There are many farms and ranches which actually want and grow these gators. Industrial uses of their meat, skins, etc. are plentiful, so they make money for people, and they are a big tourist attraction. Although the photos on every page of this book are large and intriguing, they are a bit dark, but you'll still enjoy perusing the photos and reading the detailed, informative text. Whoever thought someone would write a whole big photography book about gators!
—Bonnie Neely, owner of Real Travel Adventures and book reviewer for Amazon

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