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Myers1   "At once familiar and a revelation, immediate and distant, Joan Myers's photographs show a world in which the great beasts and humans, nature and the gods still co-exist, but William deBuys's passionate and prophetic words warn of the velocity with which that fragile coexistence is being reduced to urban myth."
—Gita Mehta, filmmaker and author of Karma Cola: Marketing the Mystic East and Snakes and Ladders: Glimpses of Modern India

"Joan Myers has moved calmly from photographing the Antarctic to the jungles of India, bringing that place to our door with subtle intimacy, immersing us in a dense and misty world while offering unexpected glimpses of its wildlife and other secrets."
—Lucy R. Lippard, author of The Lure of the Local: Senses of Place in a Multicentered Society

"It is in these photographs, serendipitous moments captured by her lens, that Myers' work evokes that long-ago world of Shere Khan, the tiger, Mowgli, the "man cub" raised by wolves; and other characters from Kipling's classic. "The whole set of images has a feeling that's magical.""
—Michael Abatemarco, The New Mexican, Pasatiempo
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"The Jungle at the Door: A Glimpse of Wild India by Joan Myers and William deBuys is a large-format book of Myers's photography and writing and an essay by deBuys about a wild place few travelers get to visit. The large-format, full-color images are mystical in quality and seem to be more a work of an artist's water-color paintbrush than a photograph, partially because an early morning mist sort of dissolves some of the landscapes and the jungle itself makes the animals sometimes difficult to spot, only creating a mystery that draws the viewer in. The writing in the book is illusional as well and creates a beautiful mood for appreciating the photographs, which include rare human sightings of animals which prefer to stay hidden, like the white elephant and the Indian tiger. You will appreciate every page of this book and return often to peruse it. A lovely coffee table or gift book."
—Bonnie Neely, owner of Real Travel Adventures and book reviewer for Amazon



"Send a master photographer like Joan Myers into the jungles of the Indian subcontinent and you will be treated to superbly crafted images of a vanishing wilderness and the wealth of life it gave support to. Enhanced with an informative essay by William deBuys, The Jungle at the Door is a 96-page hardcover, coffee-table book showcasing full-color photographs of wild places that will be forever lost when the jungle is no more due to the encroachments of human activity—including climate change—upon wildlife habitats. A beautifully composed and superbly presented collection, The Jungle at the Door is a highly recommended addition to personal, community, and academic library photography reference collections."
—James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

"This book documents the photography of Joan Myers in the wildlife refuges of India. Myers is a American photographer whose work appears in major museum collections and award-winning books. Most of the book consists of full-page photographic reproductions, printed without comment. Each is identified in a rear index where a small reproduction of each image is accompanied by information giving the location of the picture and identifying any animals that appear. The only text is a thoughtful and eloquent essay by Pulitzer Prize-nominated author William deBuys, who writes often on conservation topics. Myers's photographs are evocative as art and more deeply informative than many images; she allows readers to see the natural blur or crispness of motion and atmosphere, and animals appear at their natural scale within scenes that will surprise viewers used to the close-up photography of animals in studios and zoos. The major presences that inhabit these photographs are the landscapes in which wild animals, people, and livestock appear, materializing through the greenness as astonishing and solid ghosts."
—Eithne O'Leyne, Editor, ProtoView, Ringgold, Inc.

"Through the miracle of photography and the beholding eye of a master photographer such as Myers, we are able to experience the land and life in India's last remaining wild jungles. This is the land of the tiger and elephant and monkey and rhino and a treasure trove of other species. But, as noted writer William deBuys shares in his provocative essay, poaching is a persistent and pervasive problem, and the natural habitat for wild animals is shrinking at an alarming rate due to expanding development and industrialization. Tigers, for example, are now extinct in ninety-three percent of their historical range worldwide, and, without wildlife refuges such as Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Karizanga, and others in India, their numbers would plummet further.
Few citizens of the world will ever experience firsthand the jungles and wild places of India, but in Myers's visual discovery they can witness the excitement and energy of coming upon wild game in a moment's notice and experiencing religious shrines and rural life in nearby villages that seem to blend in effortlessly with the adjacent wilderness.
Jungle at the Door is that rare glimpse into another world, a world that depends not only on human awareness of what is lost when the jungle is gone, but also the courage and foresight to preserve remaining wild places everywhere, from those in India to our own home ground.
Off the beaten track in the backwaters and jungles of India - like watching a film documentary. Stunning photographs..."
—Books Monthly UK




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