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"The coasts we've always known are shifting before our eyes. John Ganis's fine book helps us with the job of paying witness; may it spur us to the job of preventing further damage."
—Bill McKibben, Schumann Distinguished Scholar in Environmental Studies at Middlebury College and author of Eaarth and The End of Nature

"John Ganis has long been dedicated to exposing how the United States uses and abuses its lands. His photographs are clear and moving, putting us in places we have never been and encouraging us to see them. America's Endangered Coasts constitutes another powerful wake-up call from the front lines of climate-change awareness."
—Lucy R. Lippard, author of The Lure of the Local and Undermining: A Wild Ride through Land Use, Politics, and Art in the Changing West

"Having described himself as "...a photographic artist committed to issues of environmental concern..."1 , Detroit-based photographer John Ganis documents the all too frequently ruinous conver- gence of nature and culture in his images of a land despoiled of its beauty by unbridled expansion. Ganis's photographs of oil spills, strip mining sites, toxic-waste dumps, and threatened coastal regions are, yet, richly- rendered images whose aesthetic quality seemingly belies their disturbing theme. The sumptuous color of the artist's panoramic pictures provides an effective and ironic counterpoint to the disquieting nature of the subject matter; his adroit approach to composition (that which he describes as a "well-structured photograph") heightens the viewer's perception of their content."
—Mary McNichols, Photo Review (click to read a pdf of the full review)

In his own work, Ganis sheds light on the eff ects of climate change on rising sea levels. His new book, America's Endangered Coasts: Pho- tographs from Texas to Maine , is scheduled to publish this November and will feature 170 pho- tographs of low-lying areas that have been hit by hurricanes or could be aff ected by rising sea levels and storms in the future.
—Mindy Charski, PDNedu (click here to read a pdf of the full review)




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