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"Lou Campanelli's story of James Madison University's persistent march from obscurity to the bright lights of the NCAA tournament is both heartwarming and inspiring. Campanelli later took Cal to the postseason for the first time in almost thirty years, but nothing matches his passionate story of the innocent rise of the JMU basketball program. Dare to Dream is a wonderful read."
—Jay Bilas, ESPN basketball analyst and author of Toughness: Developing True Strength On and Off the Court

"I know that everyone will enjoy reading Dare to Dream. It is one of the truly great stories in college athletics. When you read about this journey, you will feel the excitement and pride Lou Campanelli had in building his basketball program at JMU. You will be reading about a person with great integrity, someone who understands the game of basketball and building a team able to work together for a common goal."
—Roy Williams, Head Basketball Coach, of the University of North Carolina who won the NCAA national championship in 2005 and 2009, two-time NCAA Coach of the Year, 2006 inductee into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, and 2007 inductee into the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame

"If there ever was a coach who had a love affair with basketball, it's Lou Campanelli. When you look at his accomplishments, it is truly amazing. His players played hard and played together with great defense. To this day, his love for basketball has not lost its flame."
—Lou Carnesecca, retired Head Basketball Coach, St. John's University, two-time Basketball Coach of the Year, and 1992 inductee into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

"Coach Lou is the quintessential coach. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the game is legendary. To watch Lou's half-court man-to-man defense and his flex offense at James Madison University just made me smile."
—Garry St. Jean, NBA analyst and retired NBA coach and executive

"It all started out as 'Dolley' Madison College, an all-girls' school, when a decision was made to go co-ed and change the name to James Madison University. Lou Campanelli, one of the most innovative college basketball coaches, took on the challenge with the help of JMU President Ronald E. Carrier. Five years later, JMU was in the NCAA tournament knocking off Georgetown and playing eventual national champion North Carolina to a two-point game. His commitment to his players and institution, along with his cutting-edge basketball defenses, were light years ahead of his time."
—Rollie Massimino, Head Basketball Coach, Villanova University, 1973–1992, who won the 1985 NCAA national championship

"I lived this great adventure with Lou Campanelli from the beginning, and to watch the program grow and develop over the years was truly amazing. When it came to basketball, Lou was the most fundamentally sound coach I've ever been associated with. No shortcuts, no cheating, just integrity, keeping things simple with great execution—these guiding principles were integral to his recipe for success."
—Mike Fratello, NBA analyst and NBA Coach of the Year

"Lou was very passionate and enthusiastic about the game, even as a high school coach. He knew in his heart he wanted to be a college coach, and he achieved his goals with great success."
—Hubie Brown, NBA analyst, two-time NBA Coach of the Year, and 2005 inductee into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame


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